Penguin Pickup Party

Oh no! The penguins are lost! As the royal penguin you need to gather them up and lead them out of the iceberg. Slide around the slippery ice with your penguins friends and make your way quickly to the exit.

How fast can you beat the 15 levels?

How does the game work?

You control the royal penguin, caracterised by his golden hair. He can slide in any direction, but he will move until he hits a wall. When you slide over a penguin, he gets collected and stacks over the royal penguin. Now whenever you move, the final position will be further from the wall, depending on the number of penguins you have joined together. Snow tiles allow penguins to stop directly on them. Holes need to be avoided.



WASD or arrow keys to move up and down.
Left (A) and right (D) to adjust the volume levels.
Enter to select an option.

In game

WASD or arrow keys to slide in a direction.
R to restart the level.
Escape to access the menu.

Not compatible with mobile devices / touchscreen inputs.


All art, music and programming made specifically for the project during the 48 hours of the GMTK  Game Jam 2021 by the 5 of us.

David Taramarcaz / Terrarc (Level Design, Programming)
Thomas Steinmann / superflouz (Art, Animations, Programming)
Adam True / AdamAlpaca (Music, SFX, Programming)
Alain Hardy (Programming)
Corentin Barman / DrEchoes (Programming, Project Management).

Running in Unity 3D.
Font: Penguin by Francis Fonye

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsDrEchoes, superflouz, AdamAlpaca, Terrarc
Tags2D, penguin, Pixel Art


Download 34 MB

Install instructions

WebGL version available to play in your browser. Download link is only available for Windows, unzip and launch GMTK2021.exe.


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( sorry cap lock but finally that great )

Very nice game, i think you need to change font, and game become perfect

penguins are always a plus, now this game is just perfect with interesting and cool puzzle mechanic

Mechanics, level design, music and art intertwine so well! This is so good!